On Oct. 17, 2002 we organized various events and guided tours in Rwanda to rally support.

Two different itineraries for travel to Rwanda were organized by The Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund and Travel Associates. These all culminated or originated in Rwanda, so as be at park headquarters for the celebration party and they also included trekking ventures to visit the gorillas.

Gorilla100.com is a project that is using the 100 year anniversary of the discovery of the mountain gorilla as a focal point to bring awareness to the plight of the gorillas and to rally support for their continued survival.

A ceremony honoring the 100 year anniversary of the discovery of the Mountain Gorilla by Captain Robert Von Berengi took place in Rwanda and a bronze plaque...

commemorating the occasion was presented to ORTPN which is head of the Parks And Tourism. This plaque is mounted for visitors to be see at Park Headquarters in Kinigi.