Dr. Theogene Rudasingwa, Director of the Cabinet for Rwanda has appointed a Task Force to accomplish 8 major projects. The projects impact positively the Mountain Gorillas, country and people close to the gorilla habitat. The task force members are: Task Force Chairperson, Ruth Morris Keesling, President, Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund; Patrice Hajabakiga, Secretary General for the Minster of Land, Reinstallation and Protection of the Environment - Rwanda; Claver Gatete, Director General, Economic Affairs – Rwanda, and Vince Smith, Program Manager, Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund - Europe. Below is a list of these projects:

1. Increase tourism to bring in money to help the area around the National Park and to provide guards to monitor the gorillas and guides to assist the tourists visiting the gorillas.

2. Focus on the country’s logo and symbol as the mountain gorilla – consider putting one on the national flag.

3. Promote investors – especially to provide hotels in Kinigi, Gisenyi and Ruhengeri so tourists can be closer to their early morning climb to visit the mountain gorillas.

4. Bring in business that will hire local people and shift their dependency away from agriculture.

5. Concentrate assistance for the people surrounding the National Park. Assistance for this area will protect the habitat for the mountain gorilla.

6. Establish the Volcano Mountains of Rwanda as a World Heritage Site.

7. Get filtered water available for Rwandans – in bottles and plastic sacks. Include a recycling plan.

8. Get Internet communication and a website to explain the accomplishments of the task force.