Gorilla 100 - Discovery of the Mountain Gorilla

To be taken to our fundraiser, The Denver Gorilla Run hosted by the Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund.

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Gorilla100.com is a project that used the 100 year anniversary of the discovery of the mountain gorilla as a focal point to bring awareness to the plight of the gorillas and to rally support for their continued survival..

The discovery of the Mountain Gorilla took place in the Virunga Mountains, on October 17th, 1902, by Robert von Beringe. In celebration of this event and to promote the preservation of the Mountain Gorillas, the Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund (MGCF) is undertaking several projects to achieve their goal of saving these gorillas from extinction. The Rwanda Task Force section gives a brief description of eight of these projects. The "Preservation through Visualization" portion of this project promotes the number one task set before the MGCF. Many events took place in October 2002, with National Gorilla Week taking place October 14th-18th 2002. All of the events associated with this project are to raise funds and awareness to assist in the preservation of the Mountain Gorillas.

Two years after Dian Fossey was murdered, only 248 Mountain Gorillas lived in the wild. Because of projects such as these, coordinated by the Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund, there are now about 650 living in the wild. The MGCF is dedicated to ensuring the future of the Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. By providing a partnership of business, wildlife conservation, and community development, MGCF addresses the single biggest challenge facing preservation of these animals today; how do we help communities in developing areas grow and prosper without destroying precious habitat or the Mountain Gorillas, who call it home.

Gorilla 100
On Oct. 17, 2002 we hosted a celebration party and various other events in Rwanda to rally support.

Itineraries for travel were organized. All culminated or originated in Rwanda so as to coincide with the celebration party and other events.

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Rwanda Task Force

photos of gorillas

mountain gorilla


Ruth Keesling

Oscar von Beringe
Discovered in 1902 by Captain Robert von Beringe, the mountain gorilla was named Gorilla gorilla beringei.

Dian Fossey
Over the last 100 years the mountain Gorilla has had quite a history with numerous people and groups working to ensure their livelihood.

On the Trail of the Man who Discovered the Mountain Gorilla

Overall goals of this portion of the Gorilla 100 project:
The driving message behind all of our activities associated with this portion of the project is: "PRESERVATION THROUGH VISUALIZATION". Through a worldwide effort of visual imagery of the mountain gorillas in their natural habitat (delivered in a variety of formats), combined with educational material on their history and current situation, we hope to help ensure the preservation of this majestic and extremely endangered species.

Project Outcomes:
Through this variety of events, we wish to accomplish the following goals, which will lead to the Mountain Gorilla Conservation Funds main goal- the preservation of the Mountain Gorillas.
1. Increased worldwide public visibility of Mountain Gorillas in their natural habitat.
2. Increased worldwide public awareness and education of the current status of the Mountain Gorillas.
3. The donated equipment, and teaching the park rangers how to use it, will provide for long-term income generation for the fund.
4. Money raised by these projects and fund-raisers will help support the MGCF activities.
5. By the worldwide promotion of these events, the increased tourism will provide long-term financial support for the countries economy, gorilla’s protection and preservation. Travel and tourism (pre 1996) was the second source of income to country.

Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund
The Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund, founded by Ruth Keesling, is providing funding for the implementation of projects in Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo that will protect mountain gorillas and their habitat.